Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More .05/.10 NL 6 Max

I'll detail my blogger MTT tomorrow or sometime soon.

15 minutes 3 .05/.10 NL tables
1.5 hours 3 .05/.10 NL tables. Tilted horribly after getting up $17 on the session and then getting sucked out on repeatedly which led to huge reraises by me when I had the 2nd best hand again and again. Whoops.
3 hours 2 .05/.10 NL tables and one $4.40 180 person sng. Finished 8th for $18 after running 10 6 offsuit from the button into JJ on BB. Oh well. The players are horrible. I had some terrible beats or I would've had a mountain of chips heading into final table. Put one bad beat on a guy my A6 beating A8 to stay alive but I sucked at races tonight. Played fairly aggressively to gain chips when there was less than 25 left. Would've loved to have someone other than the chip leader sitting directly to my left. Made a stupid laydown of QQ after getting raised and reraised by bigger stacks earlier on. Was really 50/50 for me. I changed my mind 3 times before laying it down and seeing JJ and 77. Stupid. *sigh.* Anyway, it was fun and I almost hit the 'big' cash lol. Pays something like $240 or so for 1st. I'll certainly play one again soon. The players are really, really bad. They kept bluffing into dry side pots when there was a person all-in about to be eliminated - stuff like that. It was not hard to get chips in the 1st hour. You basically just have to play fairly tight and bet your big hands. They call down with crap and love to bluff with nothing.

Back up to $129 online at Stars after a low of $41. That's my real bankroll now since the other money is going to new house stuff. The offline roll will be all gone within 6 weeks. I've been having fun at the lower stakes and improving my NL game. It's nice to not want to break things after dropping 3 or 4 hundred dollars on a night of badbeats (or one badbeat in a 1/2 NL game - still can't shake that memory lol.)


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