Tuesday, May 16, 2006

4 days of play at PokerStars at the .10/.25 PLO and $10 NL tables while playing for the 5 billion hand promotion. Wow. Not into it, calling down with 2nd best hands again and again. I think I’m gonna play out the 5 billion hand promotion which should be done in a few days and then deposit $500 into PP to take advantage of their 20% bonus offer playing .5/1 6 max. I'll probably cash out $1000 (I have like $750 on there now) and then lay low for a month until their next bonus offer. Hopefully I'll feel like playing again soon. It's a much better road to take than playing when not into it.

In the meantime I've been playing a lot of golf and trying to get into shape working out 4 times a week.

2 hours of $25 PLO on PP. Ready to quit for awhile. Wow. Down $728.18 on the year and I didn't have a losing month in '05. 2 winners and 3 losers so far this year. Yea, it's past time for a break.

Here's my year so far. Ugh.


For May I've had 3 winning sessions and 6 losers. Beauty.


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