Wednesday, April 12, 2006

$50 NL and 'Stacked'

I beta tested the new poker game 'Stacked' yesterday while playing one $50 NL table on PP.

I felt kind of dumb for paying more attention to the game than the real poker but I did ok in the 45 minutes I played for real $ - winning $35.12.

The game looks great and plays well I'm just not sure of the concept. I logged on and played a 27 person MTT online and it felt something like playing live. When I made it to the final table (this is against real people - not the computer AI) the setup was pretty cool. It looked a lot like a WPT final table although there was no real prize for winning (as I found out later) other than a ring I got that my avatar will be able to wear from now on.

I just don't see how this game will really flourish as it just takes a very long time right now to play these live MTTs. It basically takes almost as long as a real live tournament. Anyway - I play in another one if my schedule allows but I certainly won't buy the game. I don't know why anyone would if they already play online.


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