Monday, December 12, 2005


What do you do when you're stuck and the game is good? Keep playing. At least you should if you can keep your head. I know I tilted away my share of money this session but after 4 1/2 hours of bad beat after bad beat on 2/4 one of my 3 tables broke and I moved up to 3/6. I can afford 3/6 but never play it as I feel I should be beating 2/4 on a regular basis first.

Move up to catch up.

Well, about the time I moved up the cards started coming around on my 2 remaining 2/4 tables and I started the long climb out of a $350 hole. There was a maniac on the 3/6 table that was catching flops & rivers constantly. When I sat down he had $184 and 39 hands later he was at $650. This is 3/6 people! He rivered me twice for about $150 in pots and then I got him a couple of times. Played well on the 3/6 table but I started making huge strides on the 2/4s as my hands suddenly started holding up. It's always amazing when things change. It's like suddenly you can do no wrong.

After 6 hours I was down 'only' $174 and felt pretty good. I had been back to only $120 down but then took some more bad beats and was ready to quit. I unchecked the 'auto post blind' button on all 3 tables when this hand came up on the 3/6:

Party Poker 3/6 Hold'em (7 handed) FTR converter on

Preflop: Whatever is MP1 with Jc, Qc.
1 fold, Whatever calls, MP2 calls, 2 folds, SB completes, BB checks.

Flop: (4 SB) 4s, 9s, Tc (4 players)
SB checks, BB checks, Whatever bets, MP2 raises, SB folds, BB 3-bets, Whatever calls, MP2 caps, BB calls, Whatever calls.

Turn: (8 BB) 8c (3 players)
BB checks, Whatever checks, MP2 bets, BB calls, Whatever raises, MP2 3-bets, BB folds, Whatever caps, MP2 calls.

River: (17 BB) 5c (2 players)
Whatever bets, MP2 raises, Whatever 3-bets, MP2 calls.

Final Pot: 23 BB

Results in white below:
Whatever has Jc Qc (flush, queen high).
MP2 has Js Qs (straight, queen high).
Outcome: Whatever wins 23 BB.

Wow. What a tough beat to lay on someone for a $138 pot. It's about time. Crazy crap like that had been happening to me all day. :)

$4,057.52 bankroll
($31.75) on the 6 hour marathon session. Got back about $300 in the last hour of play. Amazing swing. I certainly noticed the difference in play between the 2 levels. 3/6 is tighter preflop and more active postflop which suits me fine. I will continue to try and tighten down on 2/4 and improve my game. There's plenty of work to be done - that's for sure. ($172.98) for the week. Ugh.


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