Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some pub poker and a 2/4 session

Played pub poker for the first time. There were about 90 entrants with the top 16 paying points. We started off with 1100 in chips and blinds at 10/20 . Blinds went up every 20 minutes and 2 hours and 10 minutes later they were at 500/1000! I played exactly 3 hands all night that I wasn't in the blinds for lol. Didn't play my 1st hand until at least 3 rounds in (I think the blinds were at 50/100)AK UTG raised 5X and took it down preflop, J10s raised 4X and took it down preflop with 2 limpers and 44 that I donked off about 500 chips with on a scary board. Finished in 18th place when someone went all in for 4500 chips and I was on the big blind (1000 chip BB) with my 1500 chips and looked down to see A7o. I called and he turned over K10 and flopped an OESD and turned a K. Game over unless a 10 fell and instead it was the ace which at least 1/2 of the people there thought gave me the win.

After that I came home and logged onto Party Poker since the bad beat jackpot was over $420,000 and played 40 minutes of 2/4.

+$108.75 40 minute session at 3 2/4 BB tables 1010p 1050p 85s calling $2 then $4 got the flush on the flop in a 4 way capped preflop pot. Probably cost myself by capping the flop but I wanted to get my $ in while it was good. As it turned out I had nothing to fear so reraising on turn MIGHT have been better, not sure. Other huge hand at this table was with 76o in SB called preflop raise of A3o and he hit trips on flop and i turned nut straight.

$3917.88 bankroll.


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