Tuesday, July 07, 2009

June in the books

I ended up making $450 in June. Blah. I can't complain but it was a fairly frustrating month.

Last night I put in my first session of July and I was up $170 after 2 hours (which was surprising considering I had like 10 days off since my last session) and then proceeded to lose it all plus $10 over the next 900 hands. I lost a huge pot with set under set and also lost with an ace hi flush to a straight flush and my opponent was so sneaky that he only called on the river. Lucky me.

I wouldn't say I played great since I folded 2 winners for around $40 and tilted a little bit at the end but sometimes the beats start and don't let up for a couple of hours. That's how the 2nd half of the session felt for sure.

Losing huge pots on the river never feels good no matter how many times it happens. I just have to get back to feeling that it doesn't really matter because in truth it doesn't if you take the long view.

Still around $1,660 in the ole bankroll and striving to get back to $2,400 and 2/4 by the end of July although that looks like a mighty tall task. I probably need to start playing some cheap mtts to try to pad things.


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