Thursday, March 12, 2009

Overdue update

I waited to update until I had a good session. Good is defined as a +$100 night. It took me over a month to post this.


Went on tilt during the billionth hand promotion night. -$50 at .5/1 LHE. -$150 at 1/2 LHE. -$300 at 2/4 LHE then -$250 at 30/60 omaha hi/low.

Sat down with $400 at 30/60 omaha hi/low and immediately lost $360. Worked that back up to $393 and was gonna quit but noticed I was off the blinds with AA double suited. Raised to $90 and got 2 callers and folded the turn on a QQ35 board (was up against low draw and quads). I quit after that.

Just moronic stuff.

Finally booked a winning session last night at $50 NL. I'm up $21 on the month after losing $800 in February.


I'm gonna try to stick at $50 NL this month and cash out anything over $1,500 - I'm at $1200 now.

I was gonna play 15k hands of .5/1 LHE but it only took me 2k hands to figure out that I couldn't do it. Too much of a grind.


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