Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April is meh so far

4/1/2009 $51.00
4/2/2009 $39.25
4/3/2009 ($2.25)
4/5/2009 $36.50
4/6/2009 $40.00
4/8/2009 ($49.20)
4/9/2009 $53.50
4/13/2009 ($20.25)

The $2.25 loss was over like 40 hands or something.

It's been a pretty frustrating month so far although the changes I have made have saved my butt so far in April as I feel like I'm running very poorly. I hope to have a little $500 uptick here in the next couple of weeks to salvage things. I have played in one mtt and cashed 106th out of 6,111 entrants in the $3 rebuy yesterday good for $95.

I feel like I'm ready to take on 2/4 now but I need a bankroll of at least $2,000 before I'll feel comfortable taking the leap. I think I am making giant strides in tilt control and game selection although being restricted* to two weekday nights each week really hinders game selection. I glance at the games on the weekend and just shake my head. If I could play only on the weekends I FEEL like I would be cleaning up. Game selection is so huge.

* = I play 2k hands at night twice a week and mix in about 300 hands during the day during the week.

I am still on target for Platiumstar in April for whatever that's worth.

Haha I looked at my 1/2 stats today. 72k hands for a profit of $4,650 at 1/2. Pretty good huh? However, I have a net profit of $550 after taking out the $4,100 of rake that Pokerstars has made off me in the past 8 months. Wow.

I'm up over $500 since making severe changes in my game 12k hands ago.

Hopefully my next post finds me challenging the lofty heights of 2/4.


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