Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I need to play more NL (part 2)

This is last night's session that was cut short after an hour and a half unfortunately. If I can continue to follow my simple rules I see good things ahead for me in NL. I made the mistake of going on tilt in my last big session last week and that set me back a little over 3 buy-ins. I feel very good about the way I've played since though.

I still plan to cashout everything over $2,000 after Wednesday's session as I build my online roll $250 each month. My goal is to switch to $100 NL when I hit $3,000 online. That should give me around 100,000 hands at $50 NL and plenty of experience to handle what should be a very similar game.

BR $2,545.85 after clearing my $285 fpp bonus.


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