Monday, May 04, 2009

Best month ever


Thanks to getting 45th in the Turbo Takedown ($1,250) I had my best month ever: $2,178.49. I squeaked into the money in that tournament and then just kept playing weak-tight and folding to each prize level until eventually I'd double or triple up with a well timed push or a made hand.

Baby steps but it feels good. I am now playing 2/4 but am only up $50 in 3,500 hands so far. I cashed out $1,000 and I guess I'll give myself a $500 cushion to try to stick at 2/4. If not I'll move back down to 1/2 and try again.

I still have a lot to learn and 2/4 is certainly different than 1/2 but I know it's beatable if I table select and PAY ATTENTION TO THE PLAYERS. I don't think tilt will be a problem but I always have to be on guard. I know playing weak-tight could be a problem too as the pots look pretty enormous after playing 70k hands of 1/2.

I ran at 2.25 bb/100 thru 18k hands at 1/2 after adjusting my playing style. That's a pretty good number but it's a fairly small sample.

With the cashout I guess I have made a conscious decision to take my time at 2/4 instead of trying to speed through it and avoid the 3 bb/100 raketrap. I don't see the point in getting to 5/10 with a 1/2 5 tabling mindset. I think I would probably get destroyed there and have to drop down anyway.


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