Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excellent month

Kinda sorta. I feel like I'm back from the wilderness now. I think I have figured out a couple of major leaks in my 1/2 LHE 6 max game that appeared when I went to the HUD way back in September/October or whenever it was. I fully expect to kill 1/2 in April and be taking shots at 2/4 in May.

I'm excited about poker again although oddly this new tighter style (keep it simple stupid) makes for some boring sessions.

$50 NL was very beatable until I would tilt after receiving bad beats. I switched back to LHE after dropping $300 in 3 sessions. I would get up over $100 then take a couple of brutal beats and then tilt away $200.

I am currently reading Elements of Poker which is helping out. A lot.

My bankroll is still where it was as of last update but I have made about $325 in the past two sessions at 1/2 LHE since adjusting my play. I FEEL like there's no way I'm NOT going to make $900+ in April. We'll see.

Here's my March 1/2 graph. I feel like I closed some leaks in the last 3,500 hands or so.


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