Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is why I need to play more NL

That's my $50 NL graph since starting last month.

Here's LHE this month:

Oh I entered my first 32 man $5.25 HU sng yesterday and won it. Made a questionable play in the first match with 77 getting it aipf versus AK on the 1st hand and winning the flip. I won one other race with 88 beating AQ and besides that I pretty much dominated the donks. Play was stunningly bad as expected but I made some hands against the crazies too.

Hopefully the last week and a half is kind to me and I cash another decent sized check to bring home. Oh, I'm working on a $285 25k fpp bonus as well. I should be able to get that by the end of the month. If I transition to NL those will be few and far between as I don't see myself getting to Platinum playing 20k to 25k hands a month - well unless I am able to climb the ladder to 1/2 I guess.


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