Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VPP plans

Well I put in 2300 hands last night and made exactly $90. A lot of frustration and some massive pots lost on river beats (including a $66 3 way pot where I flopped 2 pair but folded to a raise and reraise on the river after 2 guys got there with gutshots). I was able to finish on top thanks to a huge fish that ran at 85/21/1.90 over 160 hands and went through $150. So that was fun.

My Platinumstar dreams are dying hard so I am going to attempt to get there playing 1/2 6 max LHE. It won't be easy and I certainly run the risk of going on another downswing and coming up short but hopefully I've learned something in the past 3 weeks that will help. The 50k fpp $650 bonus is calling.

I'm gonna try to put in a massive session 4 and 5 tabling Wednesday for 1200 VPPs or so and gather another 300 VPPs 1 tabling this week and then do the same thing next week and see where that leaves me. Right now I'm just over 2k VPPs so I have a long ways to go with the month almost half over.

One of the differences between this month and last is that I am NOT going to play more than 5 tables at any one time and will be mostly sticking to 4. There is no way I am a winning player right now when 6 and 7 tabling 1/2 6 max. Sad but true.


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