Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, I finally got to use the HUD on PT3 last night in a sweet 5.5 hour 2800 hand session. It was really, really nice to have everything right in front of me as I made my decisions. I'm looking forward to using it more as I try to improve my 6 max skills.

Last night's session:

Wow, what a night. About 2 hours in I was thinking HUD was the answer to all of my prayers and I was in for a $400 night. Boy was I wrong. That $300 nosedive was so horrible. It continually amazes me how streaky 6 max is. Ugh.

I worked my way back up thanks to two amazing maniacs and then once they left I drifted down again. It was an interesting feeling after they left. The tables seemed soooo tight. Just one night with the HUD opened my eyes as to how important table selection is - even at 1/2.

Even though December has been less than ideal I'm still looking forward to improving my skills and figuring this game out. I will probably cash out everything over $2,000 on 1/1/09 and attempt to retain my Platinum status in January at 1/2.

Still hanging around $2300 and on target to get Platinum while I'm learning so I'm not complaining.


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