Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Pain

That's the sad reality of 6 Max LHE. Lot's of pain with a little bit of fun mixed in and when you have finally played enough hands to take away the thrills and chills you are just punching a timeclock making money. Haha. Too dark? I agree.

Last session:

I had 3 set over sets last night in huge pots along with another huge pot where I flopped top two with AQ versus top set versus two other guys that eventually folded on the river. $77 pot. Weee. Those 4 pots were well over $200. I still squeaked out a win but it wasn't fun. At all.

I feel like I'm waiting for the 'ole 6k hand upswing that deposits $800 into my account and makes me like poker again. All the while I am trying to improve and figure out how to play against the various villians that populate my tables. To be honest that's the fun part - experimenting with my style of play and trying to pull moves against the few thinking players I encounter.

Ha I'm reviewing hands against a regular right now and some of them are from months ago. I was waaaay too passive. Wow. I still am but it's kinda shocking to see what I used to do.

Still down around $200 for December...


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