Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More of the same

I had a couple of tough beats tonight but overall it went very well again. I got 2 outered on the river by a higher set. I called his $39 overbet because an ace and a busted flush draw was on the board. Oh well. That was a $102 pot.

I also lost a $65 pot after flopping top 2 against a flopped set on a 2 spade flop. I assumed he had 2 overs and the flush draw since he had lost a big pot to me not too long before that.

On the good side I had an AA versus AK aipf for a $113 pot. That was nice. Strange but nice.

All in all it was almost 2000 hands of 5 and 6 tabling NL experience while getting paid.

Here's my $50 NL chart so far:

That wraps up 2008. Glad to end it on a good note. I am gonna cash out an undetermined amount on the 1st and then hit the NL tables in January. I'm gonna try to put in around 16k NL hands and 4k hands .5/1 LHE single tabling. We'll see how it goes.

September $452.78
October $872.04
November $901.35
December -$169.56

BR $2,318.87


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