Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I love 4.40s and I suck at NL cash

Wow. Dropped 3 buyins at the $50 NL tables Saturday night to drop below $800 in my account. I must be horrible. I shall not venture over the $10 NL cash tables for at least a month or two. I have dropped way too much money there. Just way too passive/calling stationish and when I make moves they seem to blow up in my face.

I got a lot of it back playing 1/2 6 max and then last night I cashed 2nd in another 180 person $4.40 person sit n go for $144. I was chipleader pretty much the whole tourney up until 6 were left. Then I was the shortstack with 5 to go and hit some hands and took a 2 to 1 chip lead a little while into heads up (started about 50/50). Screwed up by pushing with 33 over his preflop raise and his A4o outraced me. Then I pushed into his second nuts with an OESD and that was that. Oh well. I need to be more careful heads up when I have such an obvious advantage with tight players.

$1058 in the account. I'm gonna have to get 480 FPP points tonight to get to goldstar level. I guess I'll probably 3 table 1/2 6 max and try not to go on tilt. I also have another $20 rebuy live tourney tonight. Last week I blew the chiplead with 4 to go and bubbled. Whoops. Cashing for $500 there the night before my trip would be too sweet.

VEGAS TOMORROW. Woo-hoo! Staying through Monday with my buddy from Dallas. Can't wait. 1/2 NL and craps tables here we come.


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