Monday, May 21, 2007

10 days till Vegas

I like to update my blog after a good session. Saturday I had my 1st good session since late April. I was down to $140 (from just over $500) and deposited $600 to take advantage of the 25% reload bonus on Stars. Proceeded to lose another $200 playing $25 & $50 NL plus a horribly tilted .5/1 6 max limit.

I finally adjusted my .5/1 6 max play and made almost $100 Saturday afternoon while waiting for the 10 billionth hand to hit. Basically just tighted up a little bit and stopped calling down with crappy hands. You don't have to be fancy to make money at that level. Duh.

I think I'll be fine now as I clear the bonus. I've never failed to cash out over 1k when doing the $600 reload deposit. It would be nice to clear it in the next week so I can use the money in Vegas. Hopefully the PayTru card shows up so I can cash out via ATM.

I've been playing the $4.40 180 persons lately. 22nd, 43rd and a 10th just now. KQ>A4 aipf with same chip stacks. Oh well. I won 2 important races and it seems like that's all it takes to go deep in those things.


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