Saturday, May 26, 2007

the doom switch

Ah - it's not really that bad but I haven't been able to avoid being sucked out on when all-in in tournies since I won the $4.40. It's kinda funny since it's small stakes but I have certainly not had any luck go my way. It happens.

QQ > KK aipf
1010 > AA aipf
K5 > 88 on a 543 flop.
A7 > A2 on a 26x flop.

Oh and I got it all-in poorly with Q10 on a 10 high flop and JJ held up. That was not good.

That's my last 5 tournies.

Had a great session of .5/1 horse followed up by a horrible session where I kept losing out on the river in stud. Love/hate that game. Down to $944 now from my high of $1036 mostly due to a 6 max NL session at $25 where I dropped 3 buyins where only the nuts would do.

I'll keep plugging away this week. Leaving for Vegas on Thursday.

Oh - we plan to stay at the Westin after spending our first night at the Imperial Palace. Got a good rate there for $49 thru an internet special. Got the Westin thru priceline for $60 (listed rate on their website is $175 for those dates).


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