Wednesday, May 23, 2007

$4.40 180 person a day keeps the bustaments away

I've been trying to play in one (and limit myself to one) every day.

Came in 63rd yesterday by busting out 2 or 3 hands after the 1st break (yes, 2/3 of the field is gone after an hour) with AA in the BB to 1010. aipf. Meh - it was time for that to happen I guess. It had been awhile for me in a tourney situation.

Took down my first 180 person tourney this morning. $216 boosts the bankroll over $1000 (cleared the bonus Monday night). Woot for me.

It's incredible how bad most players are heads up. I had a 3 to 1 chiplead but this dude never had a chance. Folded waaaaaaaaaaaay too much preflop. Amazingly tight. I've played a good amount of heads up sit n gos over the years so I guess I have a pretty good advantage over the average $4.40 donk heads up. I hope to exploit that advantage again very soon.

It was great not having the tourney chipleader on my direct left for once. That helped a ton. I was able to play aggressively with chips near the bubble. That helps a lot also. It was fun to finally have the chips to push people around a little on the bubble. It also helped to have people try and steal my BB when I had them outchipped 5 to 1. Hello? I would shove over the top at least 1/2 the time but they didn't get the message.

I was down in chips when it got 3 handed but I was able to stay patient and (again) shove over the top when the player to my right got too frisky preflop. That helped a lot. Made a nice call with A7 on a 56A53 board when he shoved with 106 sooted. I had checked the check/call button so it was an instant call for his last 90k chips.

Also played like 6 hands of $25 NL while waiting to go out to eat. 108o 1st hand 4 handed raised to $1 I call. 769 flop. Check, he bets $1.75 I raise to $3.50 he folds. 3 hands later same guy raises my BB and I call $1 more with 89o. Flop 896 two hearts. I check he bets $1 and I raise to $2. He raises to $5 I push for $20 more. He calls with.... A7 clubs. So he has an OESD and ace hi. 8 on the turn and it was over. He sits out and I get 33 and hit my set for zero action on next hand. Oh well.

$25 in 6 hands. I like.


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