Monday, November 21, 2005

Excellent week! I love poker again!

This was my best week without the benefit of a bonus bump.

3 sngs $11 O H/L, $11 NL and $22 NL (2nd in $22, 3rd in $11 NL)

3 sngs $6 O H/L $6 NL & $11 NL

3 .5/1 6 max 80 minutes on party poker trying to grind back up to $400 there.

$6 O H/L $6 NL (1st) $11 NL (3rd) kept hitting top set on O H/L and would get rivered. I guess I suck at Omaha High Low.

3 2/4 bad beat tables 530p 740p got down $200 on horrendous bad beats and tons of missed draws but fought my way back against the below average players of 2/4 badbeat tables on party. Whew. Good practice to control tilt. I would give myself a B on that this session. Deposited $400 on PP for their 25% up to $100 bonus. Need 700 hands in a week to clear. Usually clear it in 10 hours of multitabling.

0800p 900p 3 6 max tables at 1/2 to clear bonus. Deposited $600 for their 20% up to $120 promotion.

1 $11 O HL, 1 $6 NL & 1 $11 NL plus some .5/1 O H/L cash game action had me itching to go back to 2/4 bad beat tables.

3 2/4 BB tables 1215p 145p easy money today for a change. KK got beat by quad queens on a AAQQ board got some folks excited about jackpot for a second. Slow & steady progress as I was never down. Won $21 net on my first hand and went from there. Tables were fairly tight. 21% to 30% VP$IP (pokertracker). Very straightforward play. Would've been much better but my AQ on Q hi flop ran into a set and A10 2 pair got beat by a set as well. Played well.

1st place 18 person 1.75 sit n go NL those are always fun. Those guys have no idea what they're doing lol.

9th place 1 $6.50 sng. Coming over the top of me every time I raised and blinds were getting up there so I took a stand and reraised all in with AQ only to be outgunned by KK. Whoops. Also $5.25 heads up lost with 106 versus 86 on a 866K board. My mistake, shouldn't have put all of my chips on the line with only trips.

$3,499.89 +$319.55 on the week. It's funny how much a week like this does for your confidence. I feel like I can play poker again after that 6 week layoff.


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