Thursday, December 04, 2008

Maybe my best session ever

This stuff is so subjective. Coming off of two straight losing sessions it would've been easy to have a crisis of confidence.

Starting off the first hour killing it really helped me feel better. Then the horrible beats started and didn't let up for close to 3 hours. I was able to remain calm though and kept repeating this mantra: "if they keep playing this badly and I keep playing well I WILL make money in the long run". I felt like Stuart Smalley.

Anyway, the cards finally turned in my favor in the last hour and I ended the session on a positive note.

I am still on pace to get Platinum this month. My goal right now is to be able to get a $685 cash bonus the first week of February with 50,000 fpps. Hopefully my account is around $3,000 at the start of the new year and I can mix in some 2/4 tables.



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