Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PT3 it is

Since I'm already used to it I went ahead and bought PT3. $89. Hope it's worth it. I feel like tracking programs cost me a little bit until I figure out what the stats mean in real life situations and get used to certain scenarios. It's fun to be engaged and try to noodle through things.

Last night was awesome and then horrible. I ran very well the first half of the night and then got coolered, sucked out on and generally beat down in the last hour or so. Was up near $200 pretty quickly and then finished up $112 so it was rather frustrating as it looked like I might have a monster night.

My plan right now is to play around 15k hands this month and probably about the same in December and then go for Platinum in January and Supernova in 2009. I figured out that I can make Platinum playing 24k hands at 1/2 6 max. That works out to nine 5 hour sessions. I will be gone the first 6 days of January so I might have to play some 2/4 to make sure I get the 10k VPPs. If I happen to stick there then all the better.

Last night:


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