Thursday, November 06, 2008

Slow Start

I'm sick this week but I still put in 4k hands and was beset by a ton of badbeats and suckouts and set over set situations. Luckily I was able to book a small $60 loss so I'm still running at 4/100 BB thru 6100 hands at 1/2. I'm not sure if I'm gonna stick with PT3 or try out Hold Em Manager since my 60 day trial period is over. We'll see.

It looks like I'll be putting in pretty light volume this month due to the holidays and me being sick. Maybe something like 15k hands. It would be great to run at 3/100 and still pull in $900 or so. That's saying a lot since I'm negative on the month right now.

I folded two winners last night for a total of $45. That hurts. A lot. In both situations the pot was 3 handed on the turn and I was facing a bet and reraise holding something like K10 on a 10 hi board when the board had just turned flushy or straighty. Oh well. Those are almost always good folds.

Here's the graphs from Monday (-106) and Wednesday (+47):


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