Thursday, October 30, 2008

1/2 and Oct/Nov goals

Well October was my best month ever. +$999.54 = $463.64 at .5/1 6 max, $288.75 at 1/2 6 max, $315 from the turbo takedown and -$67.85 in 2 cash HU sessions and 4 other sngs and mtts.

Oct Goals
Play 24k hands CHECK Played 23,666 hands of .5/1 (ran at 1.98/100) and 1,982 hands of 1/2 (7.28/100).
Move up to 1/2 6 max LHE when I hit $1200 CHECK
Make Goldstar by the 25th to play in freeroll CHECK

Nov Goals
Play 20k hands
Retain Goldstar and go for platinum if it looks possible at ~ 10 hours a week

Last night was my first perfect start when moving up. 1/2 is certainly more aggro than .5/1 but the players are probably just as bad. We'll see. Here's my favorite hand from last night's 4 hour session:

PokerStars 1/2 Hold'em (6 handed) Hand History converter Courtesy of

Preflop: Whatever is CO with 5d, 5s.

2 folds, Whatever raises, Button calls, SB calls, BB calls.

Flop: (8 SB) Qh, 7d, 3s (4 players)

SB checks, BB checks, Whatever bets, Button calls, SB raises, BB folds, Whatever calls, Button calls.

Turn: (7 BB) 5h (3 players)

SB bets, Whatever raises, Button calls, SB 3-bets, Whatever caps, Button calls, SB calls.

River: (19 BB) 4c (3 players)

SB bets, Whatever calls, Button raises, SB calls, Whatever calls.

Final Pot: 25 BB

SB has 4d Qd (two pair, queens and fours).
Whatever has 5d 5s (three of a kind, fives).
Button has 6c 6d (straight, seven high).
Outcome: Button wins 25 BB.

Here's my chart from last night along with the October cash game chart:


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