Sunday, January 08, 2006


Wow. I still lost $627 Friday night at 3 2/4 tables. Amazing. I ended up quitting at the low point of the night. I wouldn't have thought it was possible without being drunk or extreme tilt. I know I got on tilt after getting down $300 and played too many starting hands. I was at around 27% & 32% VP$IP which is a good 10 to 14% above where I want it. I know it wasn't all bad luck and tilt of course. I got outplayed in 2 pots that went to showdown where I had laid down winning hand. That always helps the tilt factor kick into overdrive. Who knows how many other hands I got outplayed in that didn't go to showdown.

I guess I'm only proud of the fact that I didn't move up in limits to try and change things. That is so freaking common and usually only speeds up the disaster. I still have plenty of money and time to get better and plug my massive leaks.

Things changed:

1. I will never again play after losing more than $350. This will of course go up when I move up to 3/6 but I don't see myself making that move for a long, long time lol. A person's mindset just changes after getting down almost 100 BBs in a full ring game. You just expect to get sucked out on on every flop you take.

2. I will not play past 4 hours when playing ring games. Lots of people play longer hours and do it well but I made more than 1 accidental cold call preflop on the blinds just because of lack of focus after playing so many hours. Cost me money every time. I'm just not used to playing online for that long.

3. I think I'm gonna change my user name on PP which will allow me to start from scratch on my pokertracker stats and try to keep them near optimal. After 20k hands and the last session it was gonna be a long road back to get my VP$IP down to where it should be. I'll still use the same database though which will allow me to have a read on a few players when I sit down to play.

4. Instead of sitting with $100 at 2/4 I think I'm gonna try $200 at each table and see. It might make a tiny difference in table image.

I'm actually excited about trying this out sometime soon. I am very motivated to change up my game now lol. Having a conservative bankroll at 2/4 allows me to have a disasterous night and be able to bounce right back. I don't even have to reload at Party. My account there went from 1400 to 800. Ugh. That kind of hurts to type.

I'll probably play in a MTT or 180 person SNG on stars tomorrow. No cash ring games for me for awhile.

Wow, I just looked at my stats and this downswing puts me back to 12/17/05. Not as bad as I thought.

-$417.07. Worst week ever.
Bankroll down to $4,103.31. I'm gonna have to work to make sure January is not my first losing month ever.


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