Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pub Poker and 2/4

1st session went out fairly quickly. 3rd level Ak versus QQ and I couldn't improve. Went home and played an hour of 2/4 and was down $129. Donks Strike Back. The most amazing hand of that session was AK in the SB with the button limping in with 28o. Yes, 2 8 OFFSUIT. Wow. Wasn't even soooooted. Of course the flop comes 22K and I lose a healthy amount of money.

Went back for the 2nd session and was card dead the entire session. Got 33 when blinds were 100/200 and I had 600 left so an auto-push for me. Called by 2 big stacks and then checked it down after a 367 rainbow flop. Woo-hoo for me. Checked it down until the river I should say since the turn was a diamond along with the river and I was out to a runner/runner QJ flush.

Oh well.

28th pays nothing. Would've been interesting to have 2000 chips because I felt the deck owed me some mojo.

Came home and loaded up the 2/4 tables at about 11:50pm. Played till 1:15am and ended up making $18.45 on the night. Favorite hand was 44 flopping my set and turning a boat and getting called down/reraised by J7 sooted (top pair) along with an overpair (QQ). $143 pot. WOW. 2nd favorite hand was A3 sooooted turning the nut flush against a set and 2 pair and top pair. $110 pot. WOW.

Nice comeback after getting down $129 on terrible luck. Sometimes the luck evens out. It's good to know that the one consistent is the donkish play at this level. Just amazing to watch sometimes.

Bankroll $4,619.51
3 2/4 BB 2 1/2 hours. Got down 129 after an hour and played live 2nd session and came back and kicked butt winning about 150 in an hour and 1/2.


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