Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More 2/4 - Best night yet.

3 2/4 bad beat tables 2 1/2 hours. Beautiful night of poker. No complaints here. It was just a night of mostly missing the bad beats. Same bad players making the same bad plays that I always see but this time karma gave a little back. It should be noted that I am tightening up a little so my game is improving ever so slightly.

I watched Daniel Negraneau's heads up match as I played. He's playing an internet heads up specialist in the 500/1000 game on poker room (www.fullcontactpoker.com). He's been up around 80k to 100k most of the session. A lot of fun to watch after all of the pregame trashing talking by the dude he's destroying.

My bankroll now $4,601.06.


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