Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pub Poker Stupidity 2/4 & a $2 MTT

Busted in 312th or something in the 1608 person MTT on Stars. Nothing special. Threw away 5000 chips on a flopped set slowplayed like a donk. Runner/runner straight took a chunk out of my stack and then I couldn't catch crap. Was playing it for fun as I 3 tabled 2/4 tables on party. Made $77 without thinking one time.

1 hour in to my pub poker session I get 99 in the cutoff and raise to 300 (3x the big blind). Mr go all in with anything on the big blind goes all in and I beat him into the pot. Our stacks are exactly matched so if I get this I'm up to 3400 or so (start with 1100) and the real fun will begin.

He flips over 97 offsuit. Flop 10 8 2 and I KNOW I'm dead. Turn J and that was that. Too funny. Made me $77 I guess though.

some .02/.04 heads up limit and a $2 MTT
3 $2/4 BB tables 2 1/2 hours

Bankroll now $4,753.97


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