Friday, January 06, 2006

Horror Show at 2/4

Looks like I'll be here a while. Let's see....down $312 as I start this entry.

I've been rivered and drawn out on repeatedly. Ah, there's another one as I speak. KK8 I hold 44 turn K and river the lovely 8 to split the pot with A2 offsuit. LOL. In 5 minutes a $100 up tick. Nice. WOW I was about to type that the only thing that hasn't happened yet that always happens in these downswings is me flopping top 2 pair and going up against a set. It happened as I started typing lol. Oh well.

My HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake of the night and one that I tried to brush off quickly because I KNOW BETTER THAN TO DO THIS KIND OF CRAP was folding in a $72 pot. I had J10 and flopped top pair and it was capped on a draw heavy board. It looked like the draw got there on the turn so I check/called and then another overcard (King) came on the river and the original raiser led out and I stupidly folded. Fold behind me then a call and the 44 took it down. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I have to be right there 18 times to make up for that crap.

Oh well. Down about $230 right now. I'll update at the end of the session.


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