Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pub Poker and a little more 2/4

Tonight was the tourney for the top 64 players from December. 1st place was a trip to Vegas or a $500 gas card.

Won a nice pot early on with 8s when 3 spades fell and I check raised on the turn when an ace fell. Then I get AK and raise to 85 (blinds at 10/20) and get 4 callers (340 in the pot). AJX flop bet is 50 and I raise it to 250. One caller and 3 folds. Turn is a 4 and I bet out 600 and the caller goes all in for about 150 more. He turns over 44. OK. Wow. Didn't see him on 4s lol. Oh well.

Still had 200 left and went all in in SB with AQ. 2 callers turn over A7o and Q5o and I figured a 7 or 5 would come. Sure enough a 7 on the flop and I was dead. Pub poker at it's finest LOL. I'll get 'em back Wednesday. I'm due for a big run in those things. Like back to back top 2s or something. :)

Came home and played 50 minutes of 3 tables of 2/4. Made $90. My VPIP is down to 24% even though I have 87 hands of heads up and 3 handed play on there where my VPIP was at least 75% lol. Up to 1091 hands on my new screen name. Doing well so far at 4.6 BB/100. We'll see if I can sustain that. :) Might be tough at full ring I dunno. Gonna play 20k hands at 2/4 and see where I stand before possibly moving up to 3/6.

$198.43 for the week. Bankroll now at $4,301.74.

Changed my poker week to Sunday thru Saturday for statistical purposes. Makes more sense now. Still have some work to do on the month so that it's not my first loser.


At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question: If your poker skills are good enough to show your bankroll amount everyday, why continue to play a VCP when you know it's a waste of time and a bad venue to "train"?

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Whatever said...

LOL. Who said it was a bad venue to train? It's live poker and fun once a week. If I bitch about bad beats it's only natural since it's basically a diary of my poker playing.

And I don't think my poker skills are that fantabulous as my $627 downswing at 2/4 can attest to. I don't think I've ever heard of someone losing that much at 2/4 limit in one session lol.


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