Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pub Poker and 2/4 again

Pub Poker is starting to piss me off.

Q10 on BB 2 limpers Q33 flop I bet out 30 in to a 70 chip pot and I get raised to 60 by the girl across from me. Limper calls so I think about it and decide to fold since it's a fairly small pot. I almost called but I only had 50 chips in there so i reluctantly folded. She hadn't raised all night and almost all of the players are ridiculously passive. They both check it down (ugh) and she shows 66 and he shows Q9. Oops. Stupid me.

I raise to 200 (blinds at 25/50) with 88 and she goes over the top for 300 more. I immediately call and she shows.....109 hearts. I knew I was dead. That's just the way I've been running over there lol. 10 on the river and I was down to 500 chips or so.

A5 spades I raise to 200 on the next hand. 2 callers. J spade spade on flop and I check. 1st caller goes all in and I call he shows KJo and I turn the ever elusive open ended straight flush draw but miss on the river. Let's count the outs.....9 for the flush. 6 more for the OESD and 3 more for the ace. Wow. 18? Hmmmm. That makes it even funnier.

Came home and played some 2/4 successfully and will watch the Aggies kick some OSU Cowboys hopefully on ESPN2 now. Will play the 2nd session in a couple of hours. 2nd session results below.

3 2/4 BB tables 30 minutes
Bankroll now $4,192.14
Still down $328 on the month. Gonna be a race to get out of the hole for January. I feel good about the way I'm playing though since implementing the talked about changes. I also decided on a 50 BB stop loss to get my mind right. $200 at 2/4 should be plenty of wiggle room.

75+ entrants for the 2nd session and I just played tight and watched the madness unfold around me. I didn't see a round fold to the SB until we were almost 2 hours in and there were only 16 people left. People just have no idea how to play. The girl at our table that had all of the chips didn't know if a flush beat a straight and where a fullboat fit into it all. She wanted to ask me to look at her hand since I had folded and give her advice lol. She ended up showing down a straight with 4 hearts on the board along with 2 5s out there. The other guy had a set of 9s for a fullhouse. She lost at least 2000 chips on that pot (start with 1100) but got them all back and then some not long after.

I won one decent pot with 22 when I rivered a straight. I really thought I might be good before the river lol. Only bet 250 on the end but really sold myself short as I was up against 2 pair that were also rivered. Besides that I only stole one pot with 89 on the button when an 8 came on the turn on a K10Q board and the limpers didn't seem too excited. Other than those 2 hands I won exactly zero chips lol. Worked my 1100 up to a high point of 1800 and that was it. Got blinded down after that with no cards to take a stand with. Got unlucky hitting the big blind just as it went up to 500/1000 and I had 1500 left. Oh well.

Played very well to get a 12th out of it and 600 points. Oh and the Aggies lost by 2 at OSU missing a 3 at the buzzer. Thank you Tivo.


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Sure. What's your blog name?


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