Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Surviving 2/4

Well all in all a successful session. Made a little over $50 3 tabling 2/4 at party and donked away my shot at glory in a $22 180 person sit n go.

$50.83 party poker
3 2/4 BB with new screen name. Played well just couldn't get above $50 for the session. Need to get VPIP down but was played some shorthanded and did pretty well.

($55.05) pokerstars
2/4 heads up got screwed on river and lost $40 then played in 180 person $22 sitngo and was 3rd in chips with 33 left and somehow blew up. Wow. Went out in 24th. Just stupid blind steals that I couldn't fold. AGAIN. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I could've easily cashed if I just would've waited for a hand. Played great up until that point. Oh well. Went 0 for 4 on my last 4 blind steals. Next time I get in that position I'll be more careful. I promise.


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