Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Man shot dead at a bar hosting Pub Poker

Wow. Here's the text of my posts from another site. Sorry if they sound disjointed. The format is screwed up as well with the paste. Oh well.

Tonight we went to a new location. It was a little too far out of town but everything went well the 1st session. There were maybe 60 people in this place at the time, a little over half of them there to play poker.

When the 2nd session was just getting under way a fight broke out between some non poker playing thug types. Pushing, shoving for 3 or 4 minutes then a dude pulls out a knife and starts trying to slash. He sent his friend outside right before that and I got a very bad feeling. I didnt' think he was going for a bigger knife.

There was only one way out of the bar and I wasn't about to risk running out since the dude with the knife was backing towards the door and only about 4 or 5 feet away from it.

People were just cowering in the corners when the first shot rang out. I jumped behind a raised stage platform thing after I saw another guy do it. Very quickly 4 or 5 more people piled on me as the 2nd shot rang out.

1 or 2 minutes passed and people started to get up and a guy was on the floor bleeding. I left just as the cops arrived along with about 1/2 of the people there. Still freaking out. This happened about 10pm last night.

I got home and noticed a scrape on my shin that actually bled through a tiny bit to my pants. Also have a big scrape on my lip. I didn't even feel it till I got home. When people pile on you as shots ring out they're not very gentle. I started feeling better when about the 4th person jumped on.

The shooting happened maybe 20 feet from where I was at. The bar could maybe hold 80 or 90 people at most.

The dude who was trying to play chuck norris' role is the one that got shot. I don't think he was the one the shooter was after. They just started struggling for control of the gun and the 1st shot happened. For some idiotic reason I looked up and saw them still fighting for control of the gun. A few seconds later the 2nd shot put him down and the shooter ran out (I guess - I had my head between my legs at the time).

Q: did the guy die? I guess I'll find out on the news Tuesday. There were about 4 or 5 people attending to him - trying to stop the bleeding. Someone said he got shot in the mouth. I hope that means cheek. EDIT: He died and the cops have a person of interest that they want to talk to.

Q: why didn't you stay to be a witness for the cops?

around 30 people stayed - one guy even got a partial description of the license plate. You gotta understand that the place was packed and there were probably 15 people that interacted with him right before the shooting started. I was just cowering in a corner hoping more people would jump on me.

Like I said it was the 1st time for the club to play at this bar and I'm positive they won't be back. Duh. I'm sure the guy in charge will pick his places a little more carefully from now on. He's got a good rotation going on in McAllen and Mission and is now trying to expand it to the mid-valley while continuing the McAllen locations concurrently. If I'm ever in that situation again I'll be the first one out the door when the pushing/shoving/name calling begins.

EDIT: The police have put out a picture and the name of the guy wanted for the shooting. After talking to another guy who was there I think I was wrong. The dead guy WAS the one the dude was after from the start. He also said another guy DID bring him a bigger knife and then the shooter went out in the parking lot himself and came in with the gun. Somehow I missed those two things while trying to hide I guess.The dead guy was a friend of the bar owner.


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