Thursday, August 12, 2010

July went well

I played 5,700 hands of 2/4 and ran at 4.85 BB/100 for $1,146 for my best cash month ever. Wow $73/hour. Nice.

I ran well so I didn't tilt and that fed back into playing well. If every month could go like that I'd be one happy poker player.

Playing that few hands put me behind Supernova pace but I will be able to maintain it by playing 15k hands a month which is no big deal however it doesn't allow for any extended breaks either.

August started much the same up $400 through 1500 hands until I chased an incredible 80/65 fish up to 5/10 and met 2 of his 80/60 friends for the craziest 5/10 game I've ever seen. Lost $150 there and another $550 at 2/4 that night for possibly my largest losing night ever. Such is the life at 2/4.

For the month I'm a little above breakeven now and I'm on pace to get my vpp goal so all is well. If I can keep my flops seen % around 28 things tend to go a lot better for me. The first half of the year was disappointing for me really. I made $3200 but most of that was rakeback.

btw - I have noticed more and more 3/6 regs down at 2/4 now. Hopefully that turns around as summer gives way to fall however there are still plenty of fish to be had. I just have to keep improving my play against the regs and stay off of tilt as much as possible.


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