Monday, February 07, 2011

October - February

Well shortly after my last post I went on a $1,700 downswing - almost all of it at 3/6. After getting my $1,000 bonus in December I had another $700 losing session and decided to cashout down to $600 and just play for fun in 2011.

Weeks of losing takes it's toll. So much tilt and stress and bad feelings in general just made me want to take an extended break. So I did.

I barely played at all from December 16th until the end of January. My plan was to just play mtts in 2011 and play a tiny bit of 6 max LHE at .25/.50 or .5/1 to get my buy-ins back.

Well, as I added tables at .5/1 a funny thing happened:

I decided that maybe 8 tabling .5/1 for a nice little profit and maintaining Supernova status wouldn't be impossible. I have no idea how long I will be able to keep up the 40k+ hand a month pace needed but I know that as long as I'm winning poker has been fun again.

8 tabling delivers a 740/hand an hour which comes out to 50+ hours a week. 10-14 hours a week is doable for me most weeks so we'll see. I have no idea what my winrate will be.

A quick peak at PTR's all-time winner's list at .5/1 shows that I should probably be pleased with anything above 1.5.


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