Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010

Well I'm down $330 since my last post - all at 1/2. That includes a $100 bonus and cashing for $100 in the Turbo Takedown.

I experienced a $660 downswing in there which is probably my worst downswing ever at 1/2. I have come out the other side now after working to eliminate the lagginess and fancy play syndrome that I picked up at 2/4. We will see how the changes work as now I feel like I've been too passive lately which is typical after experiencing a 10k stretch of horrid cards.

I've been 7 & 8 tabling again as I've decided to go for Supernova by the end of October.

Here's my schedule for the end of each month including spending 3k fpps on TT every month:

June 60k vpp 50k fpps $1500 bonus cleared
July 67.5 73.5
Augu 76.5 102k
Sept 91k 50k $1500 bonus cleared
Oct 100k 19.5k $1000 milestone bonus
Nov 108k 44.5k
Dec 117k 76k

I have included 2 14k vpp months in there which would be close to 40k hands in each month. That would be my new monthly record for hands. I'm in the middle of doing that now in June and I'm on pace and playing better - I think.

The changes in my game have been interesting to say the least. I can see where I've been spewing off bets in horrible spots. I still am, of course, through tilt and certain plays - especially middle pairs like 7s & 8s but I am more aware now than ever before. I feel like the games are still getting tougher over time - even way down at 1/2.

Hopefully the fact that i've played well over 200k hands as a lagtard will help me in some small way as I transition to a much tighter, solid player.


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