Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another change of plans July 1st

I played 28,622 hands of 6 max LHE in June.

It mostly sucked as I was 7 & 8 tabling 1/2 trying to get 14k vpps for the month.

I ended up giving up on that plan with a week to go (11k vpps) and decided to move up to 2/4 & 3/6 and 4 table.

That went much better but I have no idea if it was just positive variance or if my improved game selection and concentration really made that much of a difference. I am positive now, however, that mass tabling 6 max LHE is a really, really bad idea (for me at least).

Cash/mtt results: -$168.70
RB/Bonus: $1,500.00

TOTAL $1,331.30

July will be an interesting change for me as I will NOT play more than 4 tables at a time and I will play 2/4 & 3/6 the entire month.

I am sooo ready to get off of the crack that is the Stars rakeback racket. I feel like it's really hurt my development as a poker player when volume meant everything.

I want to play around 9,000 hands of 2/4 & 3,000 hands of 3/6 in July. It could be close to a 50/50 mix depending on how 3/6 treats me.


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