Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trying something new

4 tabling $25 NL 6 max the last 2 nights. $92 last night and $65 tonight and I don't feel like I played great in either session. I called off a ton of money early both nights on semi-tilt. Just bad decisions. There's no reason to play big pots without great hands. The players will hand me their money if I just stop with the hero calls early. Even with that I got one table up to $151. Crazy.

Anyway, I'll take the money as I get used to something new. That's a nice change. Moving down from $50 is a big difference. If I can stop doing stupid stuff I should be able to grow my bankroll at a good rate here.

It's nice being able to check raise a low flop with air from the blinds and then fire on the turn without thinking twice. I guess playing comfortably inside of one's bankroll will do that.

I remember back in the day (2003) loading up $50 on Party Poker and playing their $25 PL games - sweating every decision because it could be my last for a while. I like this better.

Bankroll up to $790 with $11 invested in a private sng tonight.


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