Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nice streak going

($19.30) Stars
1 $3.30 rebuy event for $9.30 (898th out of 2500 when my A10 couldn't win a race against J10) and 1 $10 transfer for a last longer bet. The rebuy event was a lot of fun. I'm gonna try and run these at least once a week. They end up being deep stack tournies after the add-on period. The 20% prize structure makes it as worthwhile as most MTTs imo. It was weird tight at my table during the rebuy period. The 1st hand even folded to me on the button!

so much for my downswing in sngs. I stopped playing turbos and have done very well in the 6 person sngs. I have won 4 of my last 5 in fact. Crazy. Also lost an $11 MTT out in 126th out of 172 players.


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