Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One of those nights

Couldn't hit a draw. Opponents seemed to hit theirs most of the time. Got up $30 early and then drifted down. The theme of the night was getting rivered in large pots. That's poker sometimes. I really only got frustrated a couple of times when it seemed to happen back to back to back in big pots. I was up early until my KK ran into AA and then I got 2 outered on the river at almost the same time on the other table. Stuff like hitting top set on the flop against a guys 2 pair BUT 3 clubs were there as well. The 4th club killed the action even though I won the pot. Crap like that. Just couldn't drag one of those $80 monster pots that kept going to others when I had the best hand preflop, flop and at least 1/3 of the time after the turn as well.

It happens. I'm kind of proud that I felt like I lost near the minimum. Bumped up against the 40BB stop loss ($160) a couple of times but always rebounded. Just drifted between 140 and 110 down for like 4 hours. It was insane.

I certainly didn't play perfectly or anything like that but I felt like I put in a good session - just didn't get the result I was looking for. Everytime I started on a run to get it down to a double digit loss the 2 and 3 outers would rear their ugly head.

My brother stopped by and watched one hand. I happened to get QQ and said 'let's see how this goes down in flames.' I raise and got 5 callers and knew it was doomed lol. An $80 pot that flopped all undercards was lost to a guy that flopped his set of jacks and didn't raise me until the river when the other 4 callers bowed out. Ah poker. How I love/hate thee.

6 hours of 2 2/4 BB tables. Couldn't get anything going. One of those sessions. Looks like my first losing month is set in stone unless I'm able to put in a couple of hours tonight and get hot.


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