Friday, January 27, 2006

Much Better

A race to the end of January to see if I can get out of the hole. Now down $44.68 on the month after a very nice $300+ night.

3 2/4 bb tables 3 hours and 1 .25/.50 NL table with TexAgs folks for 45 minutes. Lost $40 on the NL table.

2 $11 turbo 45 person sngs. 26th and 27th place. Lost to 3 outer on river on 2nd one or I would've had 3k in chips. Oh well.

a 6.50 turbo and $2 somewhere - don’t' know where.

3 2/4 BB. 1 1/2 hours of bad luck. Folded river on last pot when it would've been split 3 ways (3 king his lol). My part was $20. Oh well - that's the way it's been going. Played pretty well over all.

180 person sng out in 34th. Played well just went from 5400 to 2900 when my steal attempts were reraised like 3 straight times. Very frustrating. Went out on KQ preflop to A10. was down to 1900 chips and had to make a move to at least double up.

$10 last longer bet with a friend. He went out in like 37th lol.

$100.00 BONUS

3 hours of 3 2/4 BB tables. And 30 minutes of 3 .5/1 6 max to clear bonus. Bankroll back up to $4,476.37 . Feels very good to be almost out the other side of my $627 night. Steady as she goes. Played very well tonight and didn't let the suckouts get me down. Even made $30 on the 3 .5/1 while trying to clear the bonus. :)

I won't be able to play tomorrow so this is where the week ends: $356.83. Very nice. Bonuses always help.


At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u made $356+ in one week or in a month?? whts ur plans now?

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Whatever said...

$356 in a week. Down $44 or so for January. Same plans as before. Continue to play 2/4 as long as the jackpot is over $200k.


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