Saturday, February 11, 2006

Change of Gears - Bodog

Still in recovery this month. Bumping along at lower stakes and enjoying BoDog for a change of pace.

10 minutes .5/1 6 max on PP. Party Poker hates me lol.
various low stakes endeavors in the past 3 days on stars. :)
2/9 to 2/11/2006
lets seeā€¦. 8th in a 120 person $4.40 MTT for a cash of a whopping $12 (lost on the river with 66 or I would've had a chance for the 'huge' bucks). :P An $11 MTT loss. A 10 person sng $5.50 loss. A hugely blown chip lead in a 6 person $13 sng and another hugely blown chip lead (5k to 1k when down to 3) in a $13 6 person sng but I still managed to cash in 2nd. The blinds go up so fast that it's certainly much more of a crap shoot when it gets down to 3 and 2 handed. A heads up $5.50 loss. Today I played in 2 10 person turbo sngs and snagged a 1st and 2nd for a net gain of $29 since signing up with BoDog. It's been a nice change of pace but the software is buggy and there's not a ton of traffic on the site. We'll see if I can work up my money to something substantial just playing sngs and an occasional MTT.

Up $65.39 on the young month. Woo-hoo! ;)

Wow, I look back at my stats and I really wonder why I couldn't have just stuck to 2/4 BadBeat when I was down $150 for the month with a day or two to go. I really let my ego and the 'I've never had a losing month' thing sabotage my bankroll a little bit. Ah well, live and learn. I think I also learned that 5/10 full ring on party has plenty of weak players. I got sucked out on at those limits at least as much as at 2/4. The players are more aggressive but not much better - at least the ones on the badbeat side. Anyway, I'll file it away for time when I can grind my way back up there. For this month it's sng city on BoDog.


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHT R U DOIN @ .5/1 lol and ur surprised u aint' making much jaja well I recommend grinding it @ 1/2 6-max, you could easy make $100 a day two tabeling it thats wht I do, and then 2 table 100max nl, things goin smooth =) best of luck!

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Whatever said...

Not surprised in the least. I'm just taking a break this month. We'll see how the sngs treat me tonight on BoDog.


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