Monday, January 23, 2006

Bobbing along

Not much lately. I am mulling over the idea of playing 6 max limit on party with 600 big bets and moving up when I build enough for 600 big bets for the next level and moving down if I fall back to 450. I'm talking only about my party bankroll and right now I have $750 on there. I need to deposit $400 this week for their $100 bonus so I would start off at $1150 and at .5/1. Woo-hoo! LOL.

Oh yea, I'd just be playing 2 tables of 6 max and maybe a Stars tourney at the same time to help me concentrate on reads at the 6 max tables. I would take breaks from 6 max to play at the 2/4 bad beat tables whenever the jackpot got over 200k.

Meh, something different at least. My marathon session Saturday night got me thinking about 6 max (and Matt Maroon's blog got me really thinking). There were 3 guys at each table over 65% VIPIP and one at 95% over 200 hands!

5 1/2 hour marathon session of 6 max. Nice $4 an hour average going. Ugh.
heads up cash games didn't go so well. Basically feels like a wasted night. I should've just gone to bed early. I think I’m ready for an extended break or something different.
$2.20 MTT out early then $11 18 person sit n go 1st place. The guy was amazingly passive heads up. Got a nice sized chip lead with 4 left and wasn't really in doubt after that.
heads up .25.5 cash games again. Yuck. Favorite hand was the 1st again some guy. I have J4 and flop fullboat 44J. Capped flop capped turn capped river when an ace came. He, of course, had AA lol. Funny game. Heads up can take some serious swings.

Bankroll at $4,170.18.
January so far:
Week 1 -$417.74
Week 2 +$198.43
Week 3 -$182.20



At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU HAVE OVER 4K AND UR PLAYING .5/1 LIMIT? You still working on ur game?

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Whatever said...

Working on my game?
Isn't it obvious?
Right now I feel like I don't have a clue.
I was thinking about playing 6 max and I would rather work on my game at .5/1 than 2/4. Also, I can't deposit money into Party right now so I'd rather be conservative.
Made like $10 at .5/1 last night - woohoo! LOL. My VP$IP was over 45% though so I have some adjusting to do...


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