Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'll take the blame for last night but not tonight

In a funk on my full ring 2/4 tables. It'll turn around eventually. *sigh*

1 1/2 hours. 3 2/4 tables then moved up to catch up. Way up. Worst beats I've taken in a long time. Played great. Kept on getting hit by miracle 2 outers in huge pots and missing draws when the odds compelled me to make the call. Like KJ on J44J board. Quads took it down. Oh well. Downswing city.

Snapped a little bit and jumped into a 5/10 6 max game along with a 3/6. 1st hand on the 5/10 and got 2 outered on the turn for a $90 pot lol. Nice. Worked it back to $70 up or so on the 6 max tables. Wow. I'll try not and do that again although the 3/6 table looked juicy lol. Feel 100% better than I did when I quit the full ring games. The bad beats had me whipped.

I did feel better about my play then I did last night though. I had bad luck and then didn't play too well yesterday. I was calling down too much with things like 2nd pair. Tonight I thought I played very well and just got crushed by the deck and people staying for their 2 outers. So I guess my 50BB stop loss worked because I quit my 2/4 tables lol. (nobody said I couldn't jump up to 5/10, right?) Wow, what a good way to go broke. It was FUN though! :)
5 minute heads up match at .25/.5 on FCP
18 person sit n go that I totally donked up. I treated 66 like the magic pocket pair for some reason. Maybe it was because I was in hands on all 3 of my 2/4 tables at the same time lol. Or maybe I was using my chips to tilt instead of at the cash games, I dunno.
2 heads up matches on FCP .25/.5 that took about 30 minutes and $5.03 in rake! Wow!
Bankroll down to $4,127.22.... Still bumping along and feeling the effects of my $600 night last week I guess. I really did play well tonight. The only bad decision I made was jumping into a 5/10 6 max game but that worked out I guess. *Whew*.

For the record I made $48 at the 5/10 and $31 at the 3/6. I was down as much as $100 after a couple of rough beats and missed draw and then up as much as $90. I had visions of having a winning night there for a minute. Believe me, all it would've taken was one monster pot at 5/10. Glad I lived to tell the tale.


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