Sunday, December 25, 2005

2/4 ugh

I HATE poker sometimes. It's just so stupid how some days you go zero for 11 on flush draws and get sucked out on repeatedly sometimes by runner/runner that is in the hand for some unknown reason. 1 hour 20 minute session of 2/4 and lost $90.75. No bad at all money wide but..... read my notes.
1 $6 10 person sit n go. Sucky cards/luck.

bankroll now $4,261.89
($90.75) on the session and $105.39 for the week.

3 2/4 BB 1 hour 20 minutes horrible luck again. *sigh* Why has it been like this 3 out of 4 sessions for the past month? I've done ok money wise but the frustration with 2/4 is building again. I have to work so freaking hard to make a measely $70 and then it's wiped out the next session by others' stupidity and my repeated and consistent missed draws.


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