Saturday, December 24, 2005

Omaha H/L MTT and some more 2/4

Played in a 600 person $6 O H/L MTT on Party and placed 298th. Didn't have many hands and plus I'm not that great at omaha. I entered thinking it wasn't the H/L variety but I've played more of that strain anyway. I think I fold too often when I make the low but don't wanna chance it.

2/4 tables were amazingly soft tonight as I guess the holiday weekend plus the late hours have their effect. Set of aces went down in flames to another flopped broadway straight. LOL. 2nd time in 2 sessions that I've lost on a big set to a flopped broadway. Oh well.

1 600 person O H/L MTT $6 went out in 298th. Never had a hand. It was awful. Played 3 2/4 BB tables at the same time. Had some horrible beats but midnight on Friday nights sure is loose baby. Wow, some strange plays burned me but also made me $80.

$4,358.64 bankroll. Up $202.14 on the week. The last 4 sessions at 2/4 have seen me net over $397. Not bad at all. I'll try a few more MTTs this next week to give myself an outside shot of hitting $5k before the year is out lol. BTW aces went 2 for 4 tonight for MINUS $27.50. GRRR. :)


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