Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday Session Results Part 2

Very proud of how I stuck in there on 3 2/4 tables and came back from 90 down to cash in for a +$72 session. Played well and took my share of bad beats but hung tough. 2 nutty hands were AA preflop capped heads up and then the flop KQ10 for my opponents AJ. Beautiful.

Another was a guy raising the flop and turn with nothing more than a flush draw to my 2 pair and him hitting on the river for a nice $50 pot. Took advantage of the bad play though to finish up so I'm not complaining. 2 hour 15 minute session.

3 turbo sit-n-gos for fun. Lost all 3 but only spent $3.30 in real dollars.

$72.94 on the session.
3 2/4 badbeat tables. Survived some bad luck to have a nice session. Tightened up my play and did well.

Bankroll now $4,226.14.


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