Sunday, December 18, 2005

2 1 table turbos for fun

Wasting time waiting to work out.

1 10 person $3.30 turbo 1st place. Just got a little more aggresive than the others as the blinds got up there to the 100/200 mark. Also watched some amazingly bad play as you would expect at that level.

1 9 person $6.50 turbo 1st place. The funny part about this one was the guy's heads up play. I've messed around with 100+ $5.25 heads up matches and I've learned enough to know it's a huge mistake to consistently fold your SB when the blinds are 10% of your stack lol. This guy was waaaaaay too scared to play. When he finally did he shot me down with his pocket queens but I basically rolled over him starting with a 10 to 4 chip lead or something like that.

Anyway, a fun way to end my poker week which goes from Monday to Sunday for some strange reason. Actually, I guess it's because I started on a Monday way back in April.

Bankroll $4,156.50
Session $42.00
Week $98.98 so I was -$1.02 without the bonus lol. What a frustrating week but I survived it and learned a lot (I think).


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