Thursday, October 23, 2008

Goal attained

I am now a Goldstar on Pokerstars. Weeeee. I'm pretty disappointed with the month so far however. I am up $238.89 in October after adding $5 last night in 5 hours of play. Sigh. I'll attach last night's chart at the bottom.

On Tuesday I tried a couple of 2000 fpp 6 person hyper turbo sngs. The top 2 spots pay 5000 fpps for the monthly turbo takedown mtt and 3rd place pays 2000. You start with 750 chips and 3 minute levels with blinds starting at 25/50. On hand 8 I got JJ and pushed 700 over a K10o 550 chip push. King on the turn. The next hand it folded to me in the SB and I pushed with AQ and somehow the big stack BB folded the 100 more. I went out on the next hand I believe when I pushed 68o and couldn't beat KQ. Whatever.

3 minutes later I was playing in sng 2 and got JJ on the first hand. Mid position opens up to 300 with A10o and I push and go out when the ace hits the river. My first thought was 'did I really just spend 4000 fpps in 5 minutes?' I then played a little $50 NL HU and got up to $64 after 7 hands when KK < 25o on a 652 flop. Weeeeee. My opponent immediately quit so in 10 minutes I had blown through 4000 fpps and $25 on 3 horrible hands. Poker.

Oh and then yesterday I played a $10 'double up' turbo sng. It's a 10 person sng that pays the top 5 spots double the buy-in. I busted 10th obviously because I'm not very good at poker.

I have realized now that becoming a Supernova is not out of reach at 1/2 6 max. If I can earn 5,000 vpps at .5/1 in a month it stands to reason that I can do 10,000 at 1/2. It would be close 5 tabling and to give myself a comfort zone I would have to eventually go to 6 tables I think. Anyway, 10 months of that in 2009 would get me to the Supernova level.

Hopefully I'll eventually get pokertracker HUD working on my computer and my win-rate will be better than 1.5/100 BB!

The plan right now is to play the $20k 100 fpp VIP tourney along with the $100k Goldstar freeroll Saturday and then the 5000 fpp (or 9000 fpp as I like to call it) Turbo Takedown Sunday.



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